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Lets Dance in the hood

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December 12th, 2005

10:01 pm - well shoooot.
havent updated this bitch in forever!
but i thought i would for my dear friend lauren!
so much has happened since that great green day show.
perhaps one day i will specify as to what has happened.
but for now, go to my myspace because its just so effing rad.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: the used-buried myself alive

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May 7th, 2005

12:48 pm
well frinkin A i am tired as hell man. last night was the green day and my chemical romance concert. it was by far the fucking sweetest show i have ever seen. but wtf when i saw mcr at TOC the shirts were only $15 and last night they were $25 and the REVENGE hoodie i bought at TOC was only $35 and last night it was $50 wtf is up with that. so anyways we got there and went to our shitty ass seats behind the stage and there were fucking ppl getting high, so we left because we couldnt see, and like walked around the whole place but the dumbass security guards with the flash lights kept telling us to sit down. then we were standing at the side of the stage and i was like "zoning" out and mcr came out and matt didnt know what the looked like and he was like hey is that them and said it like 5 times before i realized what he was saying, haha it was funny and then i saw frank and i freaked out and i screamed and couldnt breathe and started shaking and it was all very dramatic. haha oooo well couldnt help it. i dont exactly remember what gerard said but he was like:
There are ppl at shows that make u show them ur tits to get backstage and he was like and all they want to do is drink, smoke, and talk about star wars. then he was like ladies if a man comes up to you and asks u to show him ur tits to get backstage You spit in their fucking faces! hah it was great then he said some more shit. sooooo then we went and sat with matt's friend since there really wasnt any other place to go and he had pretty good seats so we stayed there and b4 green day came out they had the YMCA playing and there was a guy dressed in a pink rabbit costume come out and he acted like he was drunk and was doing the ymca then.....they started playingthe star wars theme song and they came out and played american idiot, and they had fire and explosions and all this shit. then they had this huge ass disco ball come down and it was spinning and there were lights everywhere... and then he made us all do the "wave" and thennnn this one kid was crowd surfing and he got onstage and billie joe gave him a squirt gun and they were squirting ppl. THEN they were like we need to get a band and got three ppl out of the audience to come up and play bass, guitar and drums. it was so cool and the kid that played guitar was really good and billie let him keep the guitar. and then told the kid that was playing the bass to stage dive. hmmm what else??? well let me tell yea they sang the you make me wanna shout song which was really cool and they were all dressed up and they had a trumpet player, a trombone player, and a saxophone guy it was so cool and billie joe said everyones names then he was like im george w bush and everyone booed him so then he was like fine then just call me asshole. it was cool. then they were done and walked off and everyone yelled green day and they came out and played 4 more songs and played boulevard of broken dreams, and they played we are the champions by queen and then its started like freakin snowing confetti everywhere it was so nuts then everyone left and it was just billie joe and he was at the end of the little catwalk thing and he played good riddance (time of your life) it was great. soooo yea it was awesome and u all suck for not going. woohoo!

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May 2nd, 2005

haha so yea today at school found at some shit we did at laurens party since i cant fucking remember much.
~i kept telling everyone "i tell you what, youre my friend"
~i told lauren she had a beautiful lamp
~i told lisa she was beautiful like laurens lamp.
~i told amanda she should have been prom princess because she made better signs
~i told luc when he got married and had kids that he should have amanda make him a sign
~ i kept saying "i never drank stuff like that" a billion times
~ i told dina that linzo left and was walking down the road, so i could get linzi's drink. haha
~ lisa and i had a 15 minute conversation telling each other we were friends
~ we sat in a circle and played "spin the bottle" with like 4 ppl and lauren kept spinning the bottle and whoever it landed on she kept saying she got another shot
~ i was yelling the vodka tasted like ass
~ I fell going up the steps a bunch of times and when i did i told jordan she was the one who fell.
~ I was completley fucked up

oo yea and today in art lin told me that someone was saying freakin me and rachel are lesbains because we walked in prom together. haha yes i love rumors! thats the fucking greatest thing ever, i am so excited i love when ppl talk about me its the greatest thing ever. some ppl are so effing pathetic, yes!

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April 30th, 2005

03:13 pm - call me YOUR HEINESS now BIATCH!!!
last night was prom-izzle which was sooo much fun! haha i was PROM PRINCESS that is some crazy ass shit. when Mr.D said my name i was like holy shit. so yea that was pretty cool and the coolest kid ever AMANDA got Junior attendant woohoo! Donny was Prom Prince and that was super cool too. AND WE DID THE TIME WARP! isnt that saweet! and we took a PARTY BUS to prom which was tight also. Then i went to Lauren's party and got so fucking trashed omg it was horrible. lol but it was funny all i know is i was telling everyone that they were my friend? ooo then later that night linzi was so sick she was puking FOREVER! poor hunni! but yea i now feel like shit. so yea good times. dude someone stole ficking 20 dollars out of my purse and my contact case? who does that? i mean the money i could understand but my contact case? there were so many douche bags from niles there thanx to do douche bag chris. ugh oh well only 6 more days til the GREEN DAY AND MCR SHOW!!!

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April 25th, 2005

09:22 pm
goin to see my chem and green day may 6th woo hoo. after warped i will have seen mcr three times this year.

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April 20th, 2005

04:52 pm
prom is in like a week yet i still have so much to do.

moms gonna let me start driving school.

i have to get a job

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April 18th, 2005

03:18 pm
well im likin Myspace alot better then LJ right now ill be stoppin by once in awhile but myspace is alot cooler and since im cool thats whats callin me rihgt now, hah.

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April 15th, 2005

09:16 pm
You are Bettie Page!
You're Bettie Page!

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hell yea im bettie page!!!!!

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April 14th, 2005

08:33 pm
cant find my mushroomhead shirt and im getting really pissed off
Current Music: shout at the devil

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08:06 pm
i hate livejournal

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